Maymont Japanese Gardens

Maymont is a beautiful place in Richmond, Virginia. The huge estate was originally built by James H. Dooley and his wife Lillian in the early 1900s. It has been open to the public since 1975 when it was donated to the City of Richmond by Alicia Dooley Stevens, their daughter. Visitors are instantly drawn to Maymont for its picturesque surroundings and history - but they don't know about one of Maymont's most underrated treasures yet!

The Japanese gardens were added on after World War II as a gift from Mrs. Ryoichi Sasakawa, who had visited Japan with her husband while he served there during WWII. This area of Maymont is an oasis; it features ponds that reflect each other, a teahouse, and lush plant life. The garden is also one of the best places in RVA to watch red-tailed hawks - who are not native to this area!

What are some popular attractions at Maymont Japanese Gardens?

Maymont Japanese Gardens is a beautiful and serene garden. The gardens include many different varieties of plants, flowers, trees, and mosses. Visitors can enjoy the beauty year-round with around twelve thousand cherry blossom trees that bloom in early spring and Japan's famous camellias blooming during the winter months. Other popular attractions at Maymont Japanese Gardens include the beautiful traditional Lantern Garden, Bonsai Collection, and the Chokushi-Mon (Japanese Royal Embassy) Gate.

The lantern garden is a popular attraction as it contains many different types of flowers that come alive with an array of colors each year. The camellia collection features large camellia trees with beautiful flowers in the winter months. The bonsai collection is known for its unique miniature pine and maple trees that are kept pruned to remain small in size, but age like their full-sized counterparts.

Finally, Chokushi Mon Gate is an authentic Japanese-style gate modeled after structures built by Japan's early emperors.

Hours of operation

They are from 11 am to late afternoon and the gardens are free of charge. Visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch or purchase food at Maymont's Tea House.

How to get to the Maymont Japanese Garden?

To get to the Maymont Japanese Garden, you can drive or take a bus to the Maymont Mansion. You can also ride your bike, but there is no bicycle parking available in the garden. If you want public transportation and live in the city of Richmond, then get on Virginia Regional Transit (ART) Route 31 for $0.75 each way and disembark at the Zoo stop which will be just behind the Maymont Mansion.

If you want public transportation and live outside of Richmond, Virginia then gets on Amtrak Service to the Main Street Station which is about a mile from the garden.

It can be easy to miss what's right under your nose sometimes when you visit different areas around Richmond. Make sure that you don't overlook Maymont's Japanese gardens when you visit this beautiful city!


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